SEMA (Student Legislative Council)

Student Legislative Council is a legislative organization affiliated to IAIN Salatiga. As a highest organisation among other student clubs, SEMA consists of student representations who are elected through student general election held every year. This organization was established based on SK Mendikbud No. 0459/U/1989 on the Basic Guide of Student Organization.

In the past, this council was named Dewan Perwakilan Mahasiswa (Student Representative Board), but then since 2008 it was changed into Senat Mahasiswa based on SK Dirjen number Dj. 1/253/2007 on General Guide on Student Organization of Islamic Educational Institution. Following are the names of chairmen of SEMA from 2008 till this year:

  1. Jamaludin Al-afghani year 2008-2009
  2. Anas Maulana year 2009-2010
  3. Mirza Faisol year 2010-2011
  4. Didit Saputra year 2012
  5. Eky Adha Julio year 2013
  6. Anto Prima Atmaja year 2014
  7. Lukman Hakim year 2015.

The aims of establishing the council are:

  1. As a consultative organization for other student organizations as well as recieving students aspiration on every single program held by DEMA.
  2. Creating a democratic as well as benefit life among student in order to ensure that all academic program will be held securely.