Klub Lembaga Dakwah Kampus

This club is one of student organization affiliated to IAIN Salatiga focusing on propaganda to spread Islamic spirit and teaching inside campus as well as to the Muslim community. This club was established in April, 28 2002 as a result of the First General Congress (musyawarah akbar). A year later, in the second General Congress this club was named Darul Amal; a name which is actually adopted from the name of a big and beautiful mosque located inside IAIN Salatiga campus which is usually used as main place for their activities. In March 16, 2015 the name was changed into Fathir Ar Rasyid IAIN Salatiga.

This club aims to reach the goals:

  1. Helping as well as empowering students to improve their mentality of being a good Muslim who has much more benefit to students surrounding them as well as Muslim community in large.
  2. Spreading Islamic values especially inside campus in order to create an Islamic campus.