Klub Komunikasi Bahasa Ingris

This club was established in November, 17 1997. As the Arabic one, CEC is also affiliated to IAIN Salatiga and, therefore, everybody can reach it in student centre building second floor in campus 1 Jl. Tentara pelajar No. 02 Salatiga. CEC aims to reach the goals: 1) developing students talent on English skill as an obligatory subject proposed in the curriculum or as an additional skill for future career; 2) creating a healthy and fruitful organizational life for students.

Annual programs held by CEC are as follow:

  1. EFC/EFT (English Friendship Camp/Tour)
  2. National Seminar
  3. CEC Festival and English Drama
  4. Scholarship Forum
  5. TOEFL Prediction
  6. Public Speaking Training
  7. Foreigners’ Visiting
  8. Study Club
  9. Ramadhan in Campus

There are two types of membership in CEC;

  1. Full Member, means student of IAIN Salatiga who have participated in English Friendship Camp/Tour as an entry point to develop their English skill.
  2. Preferential Member, means a membership that can be obtained by students of IAIN Salatiga without participating in English Friendship Camp/Tour; here they have different right and obligations in the club.