This club is focusing on students activities based on nationalism spirit and identity. Formally established in 27 November 1986, this club has special position since, beside affiliated to IAIN Salatiga, it also has structural link to National Army in Salatiga. In the past, this club was named Menwa YON 906 Ki-B. 906, but then since 21 Maret 1997 the name was changed into Satuan 953/Kalimosodo STAIN Salatiga. Its motto is Widya Castrena Dharma Siddha means knowledge complemented with heroism spirit. Next, in 29 April 2013 based on Surat Keputusan Komandan Komando Resimen Mahasiswa Mahadipa Central Java number: SKEP-009/MENWA MHDP/2013, the name “Satuan” was changed into “Batalyon”. This club aims to reach the goals as follow:

  1. Preparing students complemented with heroism and nationalism spirit, discipline, and have strong mentality in order to do Tri Dharma Perguruan Tinggi well and have a good leadership.
  2. As a media for students potentially trained as regiment members with strong nationalism spirit.
  3. Preparing students especially the regiment members with the heroism spirit that will give everything they have for their country and people of the country as well.