Klub Studi Ekonomi Islam

This club is focusing on developing study of Islamic economy which during this time has been flourishing and spreading all over the world, including Indonesia. Besides, KSeI also has another focus on developing entrepreneurship spirit among all people inside IAIN Salatiga campus. This club was established in 15 March 2003 by students of Sharia Banking Department of Islamic Economy Faculty. Just like Racana, this club also has regional as well as national structural coordination with Gathering Forum on Islamic Economy Study/Forum Silaturrahim Studi Ekonomi Islam (FoSSEI) Indonesia. It aims to reach:

  1. Becoming a coordination forum for Islamic economy activists especially students of IAIN Salatiga.
  2. Supporting students need of a comprehensive study on Islamic economy whether theoretically or in practice.
  3. Spreading and developing the spirit of Islamic economy among IAIN students as well as experts outside campus.