Communicative English Club

CEC is a Student Activity Unit that works in extracurricular that have characteristic in wants, talent, leadership and skill in English.

The symbol of CEC is a red color globe that wears a black headphone and completed by red CEC letters. And the meanings are:

The Headphone of world surface: English is an international language that acceptable all over the world

Red color: The youth power as an iron of civilization

Black color: Professionalism, competency, and enthusiasm

CEC letters: An organization that encourage mastery in English

The Membership of CEC:

Full Member is all student of STAIN Salatigathat have joined with English friendship Tour (EFT) or English Friendship Camp (EFC) as the access to improve the capability in English

Special Member is a membership that automatically had by all student of STAIN Salatiga.

The activity of CEC

EFC (English Friendship Camp)

CEC Online

IIWC (Indonesia International Work Camp)


Social work

Breaking the Fast

Foreigners Visiting

IEFT (Short Course Scholarship)

English Drama

English Discussion at TVRI Jawa Tengah (RELAX)


The Committee’s Board

BPH    :

The President of CEC             : Nastiti Rokhmania

The Vice President of CEC    : Sahrul Laili Fahmi

The 1st Secretary                     : Sari Rachmawati

The 2nd Secretary                     : Kartika Indah Permata

The Secretary of Treasure       : Ratna Sari