Etika Penjualan dalam perspektif Islam

Moh Nasuka

UIN Sunan Kalijaga Yogyakarta



Ethics is the orientation vehicle for human endeavor to answer a very fundamental question, how human should live and act, and many other questions. However, the reality has shown us that no human can carry out their lives perfectly and satisfyingly. Ethical behavior in the utilitarian emphasis on positivistic approach, but it ignores all aspects of the transcendental. Secular theories interpreted according to the desires and behaviors of  the businesses people, which have an impact on the failure of ethics in providing a meaningful service. Many cases of ethical violations performed by sales person affect a large quantity of company losses. Islamic views on ethics are absolute rather than relative, it has a strong foundation based on principles of fairness and justice, through the attitude of sidq, fatanah, amanah, tabligh. Whole series of activities in one’s life will be accountable before God.

Keywords: Ethics, Behaviour, Ethics Philosophy Conventional, Ethics in Islamic philosophy.